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Richard Chungong Jr

Web3 | Cryptocurrency | NFT
Creative Director & Advisor

About Me

Web3 has merged creativity, finances, business and social interaction/community in a way we have not seen since the emergence of the internet with the creation of cryptocurrencies, NFT, and Decentralized Finance which are all still in their infancy. Through consultation and education the goal is to bring creative and innovative ideas powered by Web3 technology in a way that the vast majority can understand we are already participating in with today’s technology with those being creators now being able to monetize their creativity like never before with digital assets and token gated commerce.



Chief Executive

Dash In Between comes from when you are born and when you pass on are seen as the two most significant dates in your life but it the dash in between that truly tells of who you were as a person during your journey on earth. Life and creativity go hand in hand, in that both are more about the journey in between than the starting and end points.

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Recruiting Coordinator

NCSA is part of IMG Academy, the leader in athletic-academic education and development for high school student athletes. Through digital-first tools and expert guidance, our team of former athletes and coaches helps student-athletes through the college recruiting journey to ensure athletic and academic success in college and beyond.


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